Below is an alphabetical list of all ASGRA members. However, you may also search for a member by their area of expertise. If you would like to do this, please go to our Search Page

ASGRA Members:

Diane Baptie BA, Dip Ed Edinburgh
Janet M Bishop FSGRA, AGRA, FSA Scot FIFE
Bruce B Bishop FSA Scot
Elizabeth P Cunningham PgDip Fife
Susan Fabbro MA(Hons), PgDip Edinburgh
Chris Halliday MA(Hons), MSc, MFGDP, FSA Scot Edinburgh
Margaret Hubble FSA Scot West Lothian
Kate Keter MSc Linlithgow
Lorna Kinnaird PgDip, FSA Scot Edinburgh
William M Lawson BL, PhD, ASGRA, FSA Scot Isle of Harris
Ian Leith BA, ALA Wick
Ian F Marson FGRA, ASGRA Edinburgh
Carolyn McNicholl BSc, CG Renfrewshire
Pauline McQuade Edinburgh
Shirley Obrzud PgCert East Lothian
Sarah Smith MA, PgDip, MLitt, ASGRA Perth & Kinross
Sylvia T Valentine MLitt West Yorkshire
Val Wilson MSc Edinburgh
Alex Wood BA (Hons), MLitt, MEd, MSc West Lothian

ASGRA Associate Members

ASGRA Associates are Full Members not currently available to take commissions.

Linda Kerr BA, PgDip Glasgow
John McGee East Dunbartonshire
Kirsteen M Mulhern MA, PgDip, PhD Edinburgh
Kirsty F Wilkinson MSc Edinburgh

ASGRA Probationers

ASGRA Probationers are new members who are undergoing a probationary period of up to 2 years, in order to gain appropriate experience for the transition to Full Member.

Richard Forty Aberdeen
Jane Jamieson Edinburgh
Kate Langhorne Glasgow

ASGRA Affiliates

Graham S Holton