Why Become an ASGRA member?

Membership of ASGRA gives researchers the opportunity to promote their services to clients worldwide, and to grow their business. Membership establishes confidence in a researcher’s skill and credibility.

Additional Benefits include the opportunity to network with members of ASGRA and our partner association AGRA, both online and in person.

How do I join?

ASGRA welcomes applications from suitably-experienced professional researchers living in the UK and practising in Scotland. Applicants are required to submit sample reports demonstrating their research skills and knowledge of sources.

There are four classes of membership:

  • Probationer: Researchers who have a certain amount of experience, but perhaps feel they need more, are encouraged to join us as Probationers. The probationary period runs for up to 2 years, by which time it is expected that a probationer will apply for full membership.
  • Full member: More experienced applicants are invited to join as full Members.
  • Associate: An Associate is a full Member who, either temporarily or permanently is not actively seeking commissions.
  • Affiliate: An Affiliate is an individual employed in a genealogy-related position, but not practising as a genealogist, whose affiliation is deemed to be of mutual relevance and benefit.

All applications for probation or full membership will be required to submit samples of work demonstrating a good knowledge of sources, as well as an ability to interpret findings and present material in a logical, readable and professional format.

For details of membership and to apply online, please visit our Membership Applications Page. Or email:

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